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Coffee with God

I am a notoriously slow drinker. It is not uncommon for me to reheat (more than once) my morning coffee. My husband, Peter, rolls his eyes and reminds me (again) how much worse it tastes when I reheat it. Not only am I a slow drinker, I am a doer. I often feel guilty if I find myself with a day off and I don’t have a list of things to-do. As a doer AND a slow drinker, you can imagine I never get much coffee into my system to fuel my compulsive doing-ness. Until last week.

And let me tell you…it tasted good!

With a hot cup of coffee in my hands, I sat on the couch with my Bible and read. Until I finished the WHOLE cup. And let me tell you…it tasted good! I read the Bible without an agenda for the first time in years. I was not trying to read until my timer went off. I was not trying to read until I reached the prescribed chapters according to the “read-the-Bible in-one-year” plan. I just read and drank my coffee. My mind wondered, but that’s OK. I got a little sleepy, but that’s OK. The important thing was I was taking time to be in God’s presence.

Don’t get me wrong, God’s presence is with us throughout our busy days, but I was mindfully aware. And sometimes, it is liberating to not be on a schedule except for the contents of my cup.

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