June Sermon Series: A Letter From Paul

Paul wrote many letters to Christian communities across the Mediterranean, but for five weeks we will pay particular attention to his letter to the Galatians. Paul wrote during a specific time to a specific people with specific concerns, but perhaps there are messages that carry throughout time that apply today to our community.

Listen closely. Listen as if Paul were writing to us.

Themes of law, gospel, freedom, and belonging are packed into this short book of the Bible and I will unpack some of these themes and more during my sermons. I will read small excerpts from the Letter to Galatians, but you are encouraged to read the WHOLE letter throughout these next weeks to become more fully engaged in the message.

You can find Galatians here.

Pastor Jenny McLellan's Sermons

May 29-June 26

Week 1 A Letter from Paul, Part I: There is No Other Gospel

Week 2 A Letter from Paul, Part II: Saved by Faith

Week 3 A Letter from Paul, Part III: From Slaves to Heirs

Week 4 A Letter from Paul, Part IV: Freed from Sin

Week 5 A Letter from Paul, Part V: Freed for Service

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