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Read the Bible in a Year: Week 2

Week 2: Genesis Chapter 12-31

An Overview

Chapter 12: God Calls Abram

Chapter 13: Lot and Abram Separate

Chapter 14: Abram Saves Lot + Melchizedek Blessing

Chapter 15: God Makes a Covenant with Abram

Chapter 16: Ishmael and Hagar

Chapter 17: Covenant Revised

Chapter 18: Three Visitors and a Child Promised

Chapter 19: Sodom and Gomorrah

Chapter 20: Abraham, Sarah and Abimelech

Chapter 21: Isaac and Ishmael

Chapter 22: Near Sacrifice of Isaac

Chapter 23: Sarah’s Death and Burial

Chapter 24: The Search for a Wife: Rebekah and Isaac

Chapter 25: The Next Generation

Chapter 26: Foreigners in a Land

Chapter 27: The Cheated Blessing: Jacob and Esau

Chapter 28: God is met on the Way

Chapter 29: Laban’s Deceit: Marriage of Jacob to Leah and Rachel

Chapter 30: Leah vs. Rachel and the Economics of Sheep

Chapter 31: Fleeing Family: Jacob returns home

Noteworthy Thoughts

  • This is the beginning of Israel's patriarchs, grouped around Abram (later called Abraham) (12-15) and Jacob (25-36) and Joseph (36-50).

  • God chooses one family to bless ALL families.

  • God works through and even blesses people outside of Abraham's promise (Hagar, Abimelek, Melchezideck, Pharaoh).

  • Abraham was righteous because of his faith in God and trust (not because of his upstanding moral character).

  • Covenant = an exchange of promises

  • Abraham bargains with God, asking what is justice? AND God engages him!

  • Sin of Sodom is NOT homosexuality (nowhere is there any mention about committed same sex relationship). The sin of Sodom is greed and attempted gang rape.

  • God blesses not only Isaac, but Ishmael too.

  • Several times the covenant God made with Abraham is threatened (when Sarah interferes with Hagar; when God tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, the heir of the promised covenant)

  • Family is complicated; moreover, God's promised family is very dysfunctional!

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