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Mission of the Month: The Lenten Tree

Nothing brings people together like food. Once a month, Calvary hosts a brunch to

  1. Share what we did last month and how we made a difference in people's lives

  2. Feature a mission of the month

  3. Donate any free will offerings during coffee hour to that mission

The mission of March is ELCA Good Gifts through our Lenten Tree.

Join us THIS SUNDAY, March 19th after worship (10:45 am) for an Irish brunch and participate in our mission of the month as we

live generously.

What is a Lenten Tree?

As members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American (ELCA), we believe that God is calling us into the world – together. And with generous, loving hands, we can make a difference.” This is the introduction to the description of the ELCA GOOD GIFTS Program.

Anyone of us, at any time can call up or log on and donate anything from a rabbit to a fresh-water well. (There is an actual catalog!) Anyone of us can light the spark enabling those in desperate need to provide for their families and then grow their communities. It’s about immediate assistance followed by sustainability.

During this Lenten Season, our youth is coordinating donations to this program. We have put a “Lenten” tree in our sanctuary. We have selected two special and much needed “gifts”- chicks $10 and honeybees $20. To make a difference, simply donate $10 or $20. You will receive an ornament to sign and hang on the Lenten tree. Buy an ornament as an individual, a family, a class, a group. Share this opportunity with neighbors and friends. If you cannot donate now, please consider a donation later. However, a fully adorned tree will indicate that we are making an impact on the lives of children, adults, families and villages who are struggling just to survive NOW.

Ten little chicks make a big difference. Within months of birth, chickens are already laying eggs. With an ongoing supply of protein-rich meals and eggs to sell at the market, this gift is a great leap forward for a family struggling with hunger and poverty.

Honeybees have a growing importance as the shrinking honey bee population worldwide is especially worrisome. Beeswax can be transformed into handcrafted soaps, candles, honey and other products to create a small, sustainable business. But that’s not all – we know that their mere presence on a farm means that they are pollinating plants and boosting crop growth far and wide.

Moved to make a donation? Click HERE.

Thank you.

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