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Summer Psalm Project

This summer, I invite you to engage with the Psalms creatively and share your expressions right here on our blog. Does a psalm remind you of a song? Sing it and record it! Does a psalm inspire you to draw? Draw it and scan it! Does a psalm inspire you to write your our psalm or prose? Write it! Let the Spirit’s creative inspiration flow through you as we study the psalms this summer.

Here is a Psalm I rewrote in May.

A Psalm for Today

based on Psalm 23 and John 10

by: Pastor Jenny McLellan

The Lord is my Guardian, my Protector.

He provides all I need.

He makes me STOP and breathe

when the world tells me to push through.

He restores my soul

calling me back to him, calling me by name,

calling me beloved.

Even though life can be too dark to see,

I hear his voice and I am




You are with me, God. Your hand leads me in Your way.

You prepare an ABUNDANT feast for me

in front of those who keep tearing me down.

You Lord, you lift me UP.

You fill my cup [my soul] so FULL it o









Surely Your

Love and Mercy will pursue me

everyday day of my life, for better or for worse,

and I will belong to You


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