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Elise Carter

L. Elise Carter is an organist and music director, a professional flutist, and a published composer. Ms Carter began her organist career as Church Music Director in 1999.  She became music director at Calvary Lutheran Church in 2014. She has studied organ with Craig Williams, organist and music director at West Point Academy in New York, and Dr. Ann Matlock, organist and music director at Grace Church in Madison, NJ, and of the Harmonium Choral.

Sheet Music

Her Story

As a pianist, Ms. Carter accompanied in performances in Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall. She is a professional flutist, who had her Carnegie Hall debut in 2005.


On flute, she performs chamber music with the Uptown Flutes (a flute octet).  She is on all of Uptown Flutes 4 cd’s. Ms. Carter has written and published 2 flute solos, one of which she played during Calvary’s Palm Sunday service, entitled Dream Seeking, (a piece inspired by Native American flute sounds). She often writes a flute solo specifically in honor of those who have passed and plays them for memorial services.


She was also commissioned to write a flute choir piece for the National High School Flute Choir. This piece was premiered in New York City by said choir at the 2009 National Flute Convention. This work is on the 4th Uptown flute cd.


Ms Carter is co-founder and former President of the New Jersey Flute Society. She has been an adjunct professor of flute at Drew University in Madison, NJ, and a former visiting professor of flute at William Paterson University.

Ms. Carter is a co-founder of the Carter-Glennon Arts Center and Nature Preserve. Their mission is to promote, create, inspire, and support those who seek and live out a life of beauty through art, music, dance, and theatre while in communion with nature. We support artists from marginalized youth who are just beginning to explore their relationship with the arts, to seasoned professional artists. 

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