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How We Worship

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Calvary Lutheran Church is currently open for in-person worship every Sunday at 10:30 am. We also live-stream our services on our Facebook page here​​

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Pattern of Worship

Gathering: The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God

Word: God speaks to us in scripture reading, preaching, and song

Meal: God feeds us with the presence of Jesus Christ

Sending: God blesses us and sends us in mission to the world


Monthly Open Table: Communion & Coffee Hour every 1st Sunday of the month.

We welcome all people regardless of their denomination to receive communion. We celebrate communion often because we need the gift of grace that God pours out to us through Jesus and the forgiveness that is promised in the new covenant of Christ’s blood. Holy Communion is always by invitation and never demanded. Come taste and see that the Lord is good.


Style of Worship

Our worship is casual and liturgical. Casual in the sense of our demeanor and openness to one another and liturgical in the pattern and flow of the worship service. Every last Sunday of the month, we have "Informal Worship"!


Children Are Welcome

At Calvary Lutheran Church, we encourage parents to bring their children to church. Families with children are welcome to sit closer to the front of the church so their children can see what happens during worship. We have Sunday School for Preschoolers-3rd grade at 10:30 a.m. most Sundays during the school year! 


What to Wear

Come in clothes in which you are comfortable worshiping. If you are comfortable worshiping in a three-piece suit, wear it! If you are comfortable wearing your jeans, wear them! Youth often wear their sports uniforms so they can worship and make it to the game on time. You are welcome to come as you are.

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