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Adult Education

Opportunities to learn about God, the church, and our faith continue at Calvary long after confirmation. Whether you have never gone to Sunday School or if you are trained in theology, there is a place for you. Come and share your insight as we grow in faith together.


Here are a few topics we have offered in the past:


  • Bible and Brew

  • Women in the Bible

  • Worship Matters

  • Our Christian Heritage (taught by Steve Dormer)

  • Greatest Story

  • Jesus and the Empire (taught by Peter McLellan)

  • Stitches and Scripture

  • Unbinding the Gospel through Evangelism

  • Book Club: Screwtape Letters, Blessed Are the Crazy

  • Read and Study the Bible in Two Years


Is there a topic you would like to teach?

Reach out to us at

Book Club
Book Club
Bible and Brew
Jesus and the Empire
Knitting Bible Study
Worship Matters
Jesus and the Empire
Women's Retreat
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