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First Communion

First Communion training at Calvary is a participatory learning process for students AND his or her parents. Families will hear the stories of passover and the Last Supper from story tellers, participate in hands-on activities (making bread and setting the Lord’s Table) and process the experience of first communion after your child receives for the first time. Training is offered in the fall and the spring. 


When is first communion?

We prepare for first communion during January. If your child is interested in receiving communion, please reach out to us at

Who can participate in first communion?

Any child who has not received communion or has not received training on communion yet, and his or her family (parents, siblings, anyone who would like to participate). 

What age must my child be to take communion?

Any baptized child who is expressing curiosity is welcome to participate in this training, regardless of age. Our Lutheran statement on the sacraments states, “Baptized children begin to commune on a regular basis at a time determined through mutual conversation that includes the pastor, the child, and the parents or sponsors involved” (The Use of the Means of Grace, 41). 

Is two sessions on first communion enough to understand it?

No. At the same time, years of study is not enough. The sacrament of Holy Communion is a mystery that we will never fully understand; however, it is enough for your child at this time. It will be important to continue to receive your child’s questions and seek answers together. Through Sunday School lessons and confirmation, your child will continue return to the sacrament of Holy Communion and learn more as they develop cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually.

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